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Welcome to my top 10 review of the best squat stands you can currently get for your money. As I have spoken about previously on my best home gym set up plan, barbell squats are one of the most effective exercises you could ever do to build intense leg mass and strength. Bodyweight can also be an effective tool, but weight training for lower body really can’t be beat.

This is why it’s important to get your hands on a pair of squat stands; they are highly adjustable for your height and preferences, and some can also be used for overhead presses and bench press. So they are also versatile, and take up very little space in your home gym.

Let’s not forget that some also come with their very own pull up bar, meaning that you can anchor a pair of gymnastic rings to them and have an extremely complete set up with just those few pieces of equipment.

In this article I will go over some of the best squat stands currently available in terms of:

  • durability/solidity
  • adjustability
  • versatility
  • customer reviews
  • price

Also note that I am using a 10-1 grading system; 1 being the better and most recommended out of the top 10.

Recommended Top 3 Best Squat Stands In My List

Like the other 2 in my recommended top 3 squat stands/racks in this article, this is a very versatile piece of equipment. It’s of fantastic quality with it’s gauge 12-14 steel construction, and will allow you to do you pull ups, squats, bench press, overhead press, leg raises and even muscle ups if you’re not using an insane amount of kip. 

The only reason this takes 1st place instead of second is because of it’s slightly cheaper price for still an insane amount of quality.

Insane price to value ratioA bit light for kipping pull ups but stability can be increased with the weight pegs
Features storage pegs for your weight plates and extra stability
Easy to set up

This thick steel constructed beast of a squat rack has an over 1000 lbs weight capacity and some impressive adjustable spotter arms. For the price, this rack is on par with some of the more expensive squat racks out there, and features 2 pull up bars; a 1 1/4″ bar and a 2″ bar. 

I personally am a fan of the 2″ bars as they allow you to develop more grip and forearm strength whilst doing pull ups. On the side you will find 4 separate weight holders that you can use to store your Olympic plates.

Very stableNothing to say here
Comes with spotters and 2 pairs of J hooks
Very durable
Massive max weight capacity
A 4.5 star rating with 29 customer reviews on Amazon

As we get closer to the number 1 spot, in 3rd place is this beefy power rack. This and the other 2 coming after are a serious step up from the other squat stands above.  This rack has a 12-14 gauge steel construction and a 3 step powder coat finish for more durability. 

Everything can be assembled in no more than 30 minutes and will provide you with a high quality workout. A pull up bar is included, and with a max capacity of 300 lbs, you can use it for anything from weighted pull ups, dips , muscle ups, to an anchor point for you gymnastic rings or TRX straps. This is a rather complete rack and a great addition to any home gym.

Solid 12-14 gauge steel constructionpackaging could be better
Very stable
Weight storage pins
Includes a solid pull up bar
A 3.5 star rating with over 200 reviews on Amazon

The Valor fitness squat stands provide good value with a great price tag. They take no more than 20 minutes to put together or take apart, and are lightweight and easy to store. the also come with bottom pegs so that you can store your weights on it and also use them as an extra stabilizing component. 

The recommended max weight is 500 lbs and doing squats on this feels pretty solid. This is an overall great piece of equipment for it’s price.

Very stableNothing to say here
Strong steel construction
Pegs for weight storage and added stability
A 4.5 star rating with 244 customer reviews on Amazon

An adjustable rack that is very easy to set up, and great for casual lifters. These are very light, so you won’t have a hard time moving them around in your home gym. Most users say they were comfortable using it for anything less than 300 lbs which is a very reasonable amount of weight for squat stands. 

They have proved to be quite stable in it’s various positions, with loads up to 300 lbs. The max load capacity is noted at 480 lbs.

StablePaint chips off very easily
Easy and rapid set up
Strong and light construction
A 4 star rating with 128 reviews on Amazon

Another pair of squat stands with an all around solid construction and lots of adjustable features such as spotter arms. 

Still not as stable as the top 3 in this list, you can however make great use of these if you place some weight on it’s base to further add to the stability. It’s made to withstand weights of up to 550 lbs.

Fairly stableThe higher you raise it, the more you sacrifice stability
Solid, durable constructionBuilding instructions slightly unclear
Great for a home gym on a budget
A 4 star rating with 70 customer reviews on Amazon

These squat stands offer a solid construction paired with a nice amount of stability. It features pegs one the bottom which can be used to store your weight, and/or add even more stability to your set up. Works great for squats and bench press. 

These really don’t take up much space, are easily assembled, and are overall quite reliable. The manufactures recommend you don’t go over a weight of 300 lbs with this product.

Solid constructionWobbly with heavier weight
Good level of stability
Pegs for storage and extra stability
A 4 star rating with 69 customer reviews on Amazon

Preferable for home use, these squat stands also feature adjustable spotters for added safety during squats, or even for bench press. 

These are a bit cheaper than the other products I am reviewing here and you get what you pay for; I wouldn’t use these squat stands for heavy weights. However, with lighter weights (200 lbs range ) these have proved to be just fine.

Ideal for home useHas some stability issues
UnexpensiveNot for heavy weights
A 3.3 star rating with 41 customer reviews on Amazon

A compact squat stand with 2 telescopic arms that features a wide range of different height levels.  

It has a “U” shaped bracket that gives it an extra edge in terms of stability, and some other basic but useful features such as 8 rubberized end caps (anti-skid, anti-scuff) and 2 No-Pinch catches angled to prevent injury during racking and un-racking.

Easy set upA little high for bench press
A 5 star rating with 7 customer reviews on Amazon

Lightweight and durable, these squat stands are made from thick steel and allow for a total weight capacity of 390 lbs. The height is adjustable from approximately 40.55 inch to 66.14 inch. What’s more, it has 13 adjustable levels for free choice. 

This is great squat stand for deep squatting, benching, leg stretching and more. The adjustable spotters on each side are a nice addition and provide you with some extra security if you want to use these stands for bench pressing.

Highly adjustableSpring loaded safety pins
Adjustable spotters
1 year warranty
A 4.5 star rating with 5 customer reviews on Amazon


Most squat stands all have the same problem, the more you raise them, the more they become unstable; but they are a great piece of equipment to own so long as you don’t plan on squatting 400 lbs with it. 

The top 3 I have listed however, are absolute beasts, and can even be used as an anchor point for gymnastics rings, TRX straps, and even a rope for rope climbing. 

The take up little space and will fit in most garages, providing you with an all-in-one workout station that you can perform all the most important of exercises you need to in.

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