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Best dip stationDips are among the kings of mass and strength building, compound closed kinetic chain exercises. Having a strong dip station to safely perform bodyweight or heavy, weighted dips, is ideal to provide your workouts with an edge.

If you want to build bigger triceps, chest and shoulders this article will be your guide to finding the best dip station for you home, or even commercial gym.

What to expect from this guide ?

This best dip station buyer’s guide will go over the most valuable products you can currently get for your money, how you can use them effectively for you workouts, and with which exercises.

Note that the order they are reviewed in does not mean one is considered better than the other; for each and every product, I will cite pros and cons so that you can effectively decide for yourself which one is the best for you.

Product reviews

In this article I will go over some of the best dip stations currently available in terms of:

  • durability/solidity
  • adjustability
  • customer reviews
  • price


Out of the 20 dip stations we reviewed in this article, the top performers were the XMark Fitness Dip Station, and the Lebert Fitness Lebert Equalizer Bars.

If you are looking for a dip station that will last you a life time, to add to you home gym and perform heavy weighted dips, the XMark dip station will probably be your best choice. On top of that, it is rather inexpensive, but the quality you get is far superior to some much pricier dip stations on the market.

The Lebert Fitness Equalizer bars feature all the advantages of the XMark dip station, with the added bonus of being extremely light, making them very portable, and allowing you to do heavy weighted dips, rows, handstand push ups and much more anywhere you want.

Fuel Pureformance Dip Station 

best dip station

A strong frame with comfortable grips for bodyweight dips. In addition to dips, you can lay horizontal facing up and use the handles to pull yourself up for a back work out.

This station stands around 3 feet high, similar to “u” style dip stations, and also quite light; weighting at around 30 lbs.

This is a good piece of equipment for at home bodyweight workouts, but you will want to look for something else if you plan on doing heavy weighted dips.

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CoreX Functional Fitness Parallette Dip Station

Best dip station

The dip bar is sturdy and well made. Ideal for dips, elevated push-ups, tricep dips, and Australian pull-ups and more.

Each bar is about 34 inches high, with a combined weight of just 26 lbs, making these dip bars, very easy to carry to wherever your next workouts location may be.

The product’s steel build can safely withstand over 300 lbs of weight, with a maximum capacity of 450 lbs.

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Best Choice Products Dipping station

Best dip station

An overall decent dip bar if you are a beginner. It does have some stability issues at times, and the handles are quite thin. However, the build is quite strong making it ideal for weighted movements, if you don’t mind the sometimes slight shaking.

Stands 53 inches high which means that you won’t have any problems with your weights touching the floor if you use a dip belt, and its iron frame can support up to 500 lbs.

It has a fairly compact size that shouldn’t take up too much space in your home gym.

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Titan Fitness HD Dip Station

Best dip station

Unbreakable, easy to put together, and plenty of floor clearance to perform weighted dips; this dip station brings a lot of value for it’s cost.

It’s very stable, even when doing explosive dips, and can handle a whopping, 750 lbs with it’s heavy duty frame.

It’s also quite light (19 lbs), which means that you can easily move it or carry it around. One problem that was however noted is that some of the bolts don’t correctly align with their corresponding holes, requiring a little bit of wiggling around to get them to fit.

Apart from the small issue with the bolts, this is a fantastic product for all your future workouts.

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XMark Fitness Dip Station

Best dip station

One of the best dip stations in the whole guide. For the price it comes at, you are getting an IMMENSE amount of value. It provides plenty of room to comfortably perform weighted dips, for shorter people, you may even need a small stool or step to set yourself up.

It’s steel construction is built to last; probably for a life time. It can handle a lot of weight and won’t budge at all.

The finish is very  durable, and flaws in the paint and welds are extremely minimal.

The whole thing takes around 30 minutes to assemble and comes in a neatly packaged box.

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XMark Vertical Knee Raise with Dip Station

Best dip station

Another product where the price matches the quality. This 14-gauge steel dip station should last through several decades of heavy dipping without a problem.

It features gym quality foam grips and back/forearm padding, and can be set up in around 30 minutes. Once constructed, there are no stability issues whatsoever.

It’s also important to note that the dip bars are well placed (not too wide nor narrow), and will make for a comfortable full range of motion.

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Titan Dipping Station

Best dip station

This dip station features a solid steel construction that can handle heavy dipping. There a no stability issues and the handles come out to the sides slightly which gives you the advantage of being able to choose between a wider or narrower grip.

It weights just 40 lbs and has a weight capacity of around 500 lbs.

It’s quite easy to assemble; can be set up and ready for you workout in less than 20 minutes.

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Yaheetech Heavy Duty Dip Stand

Best dip station

This dip stand could make a nice addition to your home gym. It may not be the most durable of dip stations at the cheap price at which you will find it, but taking account of the price; it’s a great product.

It does feel a little wobbly at times but nothing to the point of making you feel unsafe, even whilst doing heavy weighted dips. The height makes it ideal for everyone including athletes taller than 6 feet that usually have a hard time finding a dip station that allows them to hang weights from a belt without them bouncing off of the floor.

The whole thing is lighting fast to assemble; around 15 minutes at most.

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GoBeast Pull Up & Dip Station

Best dip station

A very simple, yet handy piece of equipment that doubles out into a pull up bar.

It provides plenty of clearance to do pull ups and dips comfortably, is quick to put together and take apart, and takes little room when disassembled and stored away.

It should be noted however that this product was probably not intended for weighted movements, and will wobble a bit also, especially if you are a beginner and tend to kip slightly.

When picked up to carry around, the bottom pipes will come loose, but that is in no way a problem once the station has been placed on the floor.

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6507 Dip Station

Best dip stationIf you are particularly tall or plan on doing advanced movements/weighted dips, this may not be the best dip station for you.

While the width is adjustable for grip, the height of the bars is not suitable for anyone over 5’10”. Otherwise at it’s cheap price, it’s a nice set of bars to have around.

They are very light and take about 5 minutes to assemble. They come with a connector pipe to increase the stability during usage, but you might not even need it as they are already sufficiently stable on their own.

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Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Stand 3000-Pound Rated Dip Station 

Best dip station These dip bars are impressively strong and Durable. They can withstand well over 1500 lbs and don’t budge at all, even when doing explosive dips with an extra three to four 45 lbs weight plates added.

On top of it’s cheap price, they are very quick to assemble and will probably last you a lifetime. The padded grips are comfortable and perfect for heavy dips.

The only drawback is that the handles are slightly too wide, and that is not adjustable. If you have a narrower build; you may want to consider looking for another dip station.

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Lebert Fitness Lebert Equalizer Bars 

Best dip bars

Easy and fast to assemble, disassemble, and carry around. These dip bars are awesome and come with the added benefit of being particularly easy to transport meaning that you can use these to workout practically anywhere.

Other than that, they are very durable, and lack from any sort of stability issues.  They each weight just 8 lbs and can support up to 400 lbs making them an ideal tool for all sorts of weighted movements.

I recommend this product for people who like to exercise at home, people who don’t have much space for bigger equipment, and for people who don’t have an outdoor public gym nearby.

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Fuel Pureformance Dip Station 

Best dip station

Easy to assemble, height is acceptable, durable build, and an overall good product. It’s quite stable; you can use it for exercises like leg lifts and it won’t budge.

You will have to bend your legs constantly but that is standard dip procedure anyway, and shouldn’t be a problem.

The spacing between the handles is great and so is the foam padding that adds a bit of comfort when doing high volume dips.

If you want to do heavy weighted dips however, this may not be the best dip station for that purpose; consider looking elsewhere.

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F2C Deluxe Multifunction Dipping Station

Best dip station

Constructed from steel and made to withstand up to around 400 lbs; this is a performant dip station that will do it’s job well.

No stability issues, and an easy and rapid assembly.

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Trademark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station 

Best dip station

Another good product if you are a beginner or don’t plan on doing heavy dips on a regular basis. This dip station holds up well with bodyweight movements and doesn’t wobble around.

The assembly is lightning fast and the whole thing is pretty light and easy to carry around.

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Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station

Best dip station

A sturdy and well built piece of equipment; once mounted, this dip station will never even sightly budge from the wall it is mounted.

Of course, due to how it’s attached, I wouldn’t recommend doing heavy weighted dips onto it unless you are confident that the product is solidly anchored and won’t cause any damage to the wall.

Just find the right wall studs and your ready to work out. Quality, heavy duty, all around great equipment value.

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Body Solid GDIP59 Dip Station 

Best dip station

A well solid, well constructed dip station that won’t take you more than 20 minutes to put together. With it’s 500 lbs max capacity, there aren’t any stability issues, even as you rep out heavy weighted dips, workout after workout.

The station is designed to have an outward flaring direction for the handles which is widest toward the back. This allows adjustment of grip to accommodate pectoral emphasis with wide grip or tricep emphasis with a narrow grip.

The handles are thicker than most of the dip stations in this review, and quite comfortable with the foam grips.

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Goplus Dipping Station Heavy Duty Dip Stand

Best dip stationAnother sturdy, beefy steel construction made to last. Can be used for explosive dips; without any wobbling.

Built to hold a maximum capacity of around 264 lbs, I wouldn’t recommend on buying it if your goal is to do heavy weighted dips.

This dip station stands 47″ high, leaving plenty of room, even for the taller athletes.

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Vertical Knee Raise with Dip Station 

Best dip station

Easy to assemble, takes up very little space, and is overall, a decent product. It’s comfortable pads allow for leg/knee raises, and whilst doing dips, you won’t have any annoying wobbling if you have constructed the station properly, on a flat surface.

Once again though, if you are looking to do heavy weighted dips, there are other dip stations in this article that will be much more qualified for the job.

If you are just interested in the convenience of having the back and arm pads for leg raises, and only want to perform bodyweight movements, this will work wonderfully for you.

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Ollieroo Heavy Duty Dip Stand

Best dip station

A very inexpensive dip station that is most ideal for bodyweight dips. It’s rated for a maximum capacity of 425 lbs, but the metal flexes a a few inches when you set yourself on the dip bars.

For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend this station for weighted dips. For bodyweight movements, this is a fine product at a low price.

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Best dip station – Conclusion

Out of the 20 dip stationed we reviewed in this article, the top performers were the XMark Fitness Dip Station, and the Lebert Fitness Lebert Equalizer Bars.

The XMark dip station will last you a life time of heavy dips. On top of that, it is rather inexpensive, but the quality you get is far superior to some much pricier dip stations on the market.

The Lebert Fitness Equalizer bars Are very durable and can also safely be used for heavy weighted dips; their strong frame won’t ever wobble or bend under the weight. On top of that, they are insanely light, weighing just around 14 lbs. You can take these with you and have a great workout, pretty much anywhere.

Watch the video above if you want to know how to put more emphasis on your chest or triceps whilst doing dips.

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