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Best Gymnastic Rings Guide 2022 Edition – Top 4 Official Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the updated guide for 2022, best gymnastic rings. As I spoke about before in the calisthenics equipment article, rings are one of the absolute best pieces of equipment you can purchase; they are durable, lightweight, easy to carry with you when you travel, they can provide you with the workout of your life anywhere, at any time

And they are very cheap, too. If I were to go on a desert Island and have to pick one piece of equipment to take with me, rings would definitely be it.

An extremely versatile tool

Whatever your goals may be; build a strong physique, develop incredible functional strength, or just maintain joint health by promoting movement, rings are an effective tool

Due to the extra stability required to perform any given exercise, your muscles have to work harder to keep your body coordinated and in balance. 

This makes a regular exercise like a pull up, dip, or push up, much more effective. Another common argument is that if you doubt in the results it can give you, all you need to do is look at a gymnast’s physique, and that should be enough to convince you.

Now unfortunately, gymnastics rings are becoming more and more popular and certain companies are taking that to their advantage by taking basic rings, throwing a sort of fancy neon paint coat on it, and selling them off at a massive price

This guide will go over the best brands currently on the market, according to their durability, ease of set up, material, and without the ridiculous price tag. Note that the order these rings are presented isn’t a ranking system; I think they are all great rings for different reasons, not making one necessarily superior to the other. That being said, I will conclude with what is in my opinion the best deal for the price.

Gymnastics rings are an amazing training tool for athletes of all levels whether beginner, intermediate, or elite. Due to the natural positions the user is placed in during exercise, there is less stress to the shoulders, elbows and wrists creating the ideal workout environment.

Ring Reviews

This list was created from:

  • Amazon customer reviews
  • Heavy research on durability, quality, and material used to create the products
  • Ease of grip in workout conditions
  • How easy they are to set up
  • Personal experience

At first place in our list, the Emerge gymnastics rings are made of heavy duty 11″ wood and come with competitively strong, military-grade straps. tested to hold weights up to 800 pounds ( meaning that you won’t be breaking these rings ), these are the strongest rings on the market with the Nayoya rings I talked about above, only without the 2% negative reviews. I couldn’t find a single negative review, or thing to say about these rings.

At 50$, they are 15-20$ more than the others I have already mentioned, but they are worth the extra money. The set is very user friendly, allowing you to set everything up in less than a minute. The company also stand by a 100% money back guarantee, should you need to return them.

They are highly recommended for their military grade durability, and overall premium quality.


  • Solid, sanded wooden rings
  • Premium quality, military grade straps
  • can handle up to 800 lbs of weight
  • Dual safe buckle system


  • None to note

These are made from 8″ solid heavy duty wood and come with 15 feet straps to adjust to your liking. the buckle system allows you to simple throws the straps over any tree, branch, pull up bar or rack, and secure them in seconds, ready for your workout.

The load capacity is at 600 pounds so you can do weighted pull ups, push ups or dips without worry. These 1.25″ thick sanded rings will provide you with a comfortable grip.


  • Durable wooden rings — sanded for better grip
  • Extra wide webbing straps
  • Great value
  • Aesthetic
  • Easy to store upright


  • None to note

These are currently amidst the top rated rings on the market with over 1831 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon. The material used here is textured PC plastic, making grip much easier with slippery hands, and taking the load capacity all the way to 2000lbs.

The are the strongest rings currently on the market. Ironically, 2% of users in the comments did state that the straps broke, or slipped after a few uses. Maybe they were unlucky enough to stumble upon the “rarer” faulty rings in the whole production line, but then again, I find that that percentage comes up on practically every product in the review section. But remember; they come with instructions about how to use to metal buckle for a reason: if you insert the strap one way it will slip; if you insert it the other way, it absolutely will not slip.


  • Solid, plastic material
  • Can be used and left outside under all conditions
  • Decent grip
  • Low price


  • None to note

The Rep Wood gymnastic rings are an all around great quality, and well rated product. The wood is high quality birch which has been sanded to a beautiful, smooth finish.

These feature numbered straps which is great to make sure the rings are always level. The maximum load capacity is at a safe 600lbs, making these rings an overall reliable and outstandingly durable product.


  • Durable wooden rings
  • Numbered straps
  • Heavy duty cam buckles


  • None to note


All 4 of these rings are overall very performant even though 1 or 2 of them have caused a few “loose strap” issues for some. This is why my top pick for the 2018 best gymnastics rings on the market are the reliable wooden Olympic  rings by Emerge.

They proved to be superior with their outstanding amount of durability, quality, and material. I’ll include some videos that show you different exercises and how to properly set up rings down below.

How To Set Up Your Gymnastics Rings

An important point to consider before getting a pair of rings is where you are intending to hang them. Of course, one of the major benefits of owning a pair of rings is the sheer number of places which you can hang them from to get a great workout in — you can hang the rings from any stable structure that can safely support your bodyweight. Nonetheless, you may already have a specific place in mind, outdoors or indoors.

Setting up your rings at home

Setting up your rings in the gym

  • Squat rack
  • smith machine
  • Pull up/monkey bars

Setting up your rings outside

  • Goal posts
  • Tree branches
  • Park equipment

Make sure you have enough room to perform all the pushing and pulling movements you are planning to without having to repeatedly bang your head/knees on the ceiling or floor.

Once you have found the right spot to hang your rings from, installing them is very easy, and shouldn’t take up more than 2 minutes; for a step by step tutorial, just follow the instructions in the video above.

What Exercises Can You Perform?

Other than your regular push ups, pull ups and dips, have a look at some other exercises you may not have though of. If you are looking for a great ring routine workout that you can use to build considerable muscle and strength, check out this workout guide. 

The video below shows a top 10 of the best and most popular ring exercises, but there are literally hundreds more that you could do. This is what makes them such an essential tool.

Gymnastics Rings Guide - Conclusion

So there you have it. Gymnastic rings are an extremely versatile tool. They can be attached pretty much anywhere, from your garage to outside in tree branches, they can be used for a never ending range of different exercises, and the highest rings currently on the market have been listed above.

As you will have noticed, only the top sellers were listed and therefore really had very little to nothing negative to day bout them, they all have a lot of pros, but really not many cons. So although the wooden rings by Emerge came out on top, every pair on this list is reliable, and durable.

Which rings do you intend to get, and where will you hang them?

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