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When it comes to increasing the difficulty in your workouts, having the best dip belt possible is a great way of safely adding weight to movements such as pull ups, dips and squats. As the amount of weight you add is very simple to keep track of; it’s an effective way of implementing incremental overload and progressing over time.

What to expect from this guide ?

This best dip belt buyer’s guide will go over the most valuable products you can currently get for your money, how you can use them effectively for you workouts, and with which exercises. Note that the order they are reviewed in does not mean one is considered better than the other; for each and every product, I will cite it’s pros and cons so that you can effectively decide for yourself which one is the best for you.

Product reviews

In this article I will go over some of the best dip belts currently available in terms of:

  • durability/solidity
  • adjustability
  • customer reviews
  • price

RimSports Lifting Belt

Best dip belt

This belt really has a premium quality feel to it. It fits snugly onto your lower back and doesn’t pinch, slip or irritate you in any way. It’s made from cotton and reinforced with advanced wicking technology, making it surprisingly durable. Furthermore, this belt is easily adjustable and remains very comfortable even with an added 45 lbs. The only thing I have found to complain about here is that the chain could be longer for some of the taller people out there, but all around, it really isn’t a big deal; it comes down to preference.

Chain could be longer for taller athletes
Easy to adjust
Great stitching
A 5 star rating with over 140 customer reviews on Amazon

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Dark Iron Fitness leather weight lifting dip belt

Best dip belt

This is a high quality belt which you can expect to apply a great deal of torture to. As harshly as you may treat this belt, in the end, it’s you that will be wrecked. It has outstanding durability and will not disappoint you. For it’s price, this belt is definitely a gem. In terms of aesthetics ( if it counts for anything ), it certainly stands out. The pillow like padding is very comfortable and works great at fitting this belt tightly in place when doing heavy weighted pull ups or dips. Unlike most other belts, it features a 40″ long weight strap that can hold up to 6 Olympic plates, weighing up to 270 lbs. The company is so confident in it’s product that if your belt ever fails or breaks, they will provide you with a new one.

Premium quality None to note
Very comfortable
Unquestionable durability - lifetime guarantee
Holds up to 270 lbs, or 6 Olympic plates
A 5 star rating with over 360 customer reviews on Amazon

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SPUD INC Dip Belt 

best dip belt The chain on this one is thick, and provides great clearance to attach several large Olympic plates at once without it being uncomfortable. It’s made from durable webbing and will allow you to perform heavy 135 lbs + weighted pull ups without having to worry of it slipping or tearing. The chain clips are rather large, but will have no problem fitting through standard Olympic plates.

Long, beefy chainApart from it's bright yellow color, nothing to note here.
Comfortable and durable wedding build
A 5 star rating with over 60 customer reviews on Amazon.

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Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt 

Best dip belt A cheaply priced belt which is quite comfortable to wear. In terms of durability, both the polypropylene belt and the chain hold up very well. There are however a few drawbacks to note such as the length of the chain ( 30 inches ), which is too short and barely provides enough clearance with Olympic plates. The clips on the chain also tend to pinch quite a bit and after a few workouts, leave you with a few holes in your clothing. Altogether, it is a decent belt for a great price if you upgrade the chain with a longer one.

Short chain
Comfortable to wearClips pinch your clothing and can leave holes
A 4.5 star rating with over 640 reviews on Amazon

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Brute Belt – Nylon Belt 

Best dip belt A comfortable belt that will distribute the weight nicely and will work fine if you don’t plan on using more than two 45 lbs plates.  Certain customers have noticed tearing of the product, and even a complete loosening and slip of the strap when using more than 90 lbs. This is a good belt if you don’t plan on taking it very far in terms of weight, but if you do want to do 120 lbs weighted dips, squats or pull ups, you may want to consider looking at a belt other than this one.

Holds and distributes weight comfortablyDisappointing weight limitations - will tear under heavy weights
Can be adjusted for many different exercises ( sled pulls, weighted knee raises and more )
A 4.5 star rating with over 230 customer reviews on Amazon

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Premium Dip Belt by DMoose Fitness

Best dip belt Sturdy, strong, and comfortable, this best will last you through your roughest of workouts. At first glance out of the box, the chain looks a bit cheap as it is thin, but it is strong steel; will hold up to 225 lbs. The brand lets you choose between 8 different belt color schemes/designs, and even though this might not necessarily be be the most important of factors one should take account of when looking for a belt, it is appreciable.

DurableChain is a bit thin, but it remains strong
Eight different color schemes to choose from
A 4.5 star rating with over 170 customer reviews on Amazon

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Power Systems Grizzly Fitness Belt

Best dip belt The belt is sturdy, and can hold up quite a bit if weight comfortably. It’s been tested and said to hold well over 300 lbs. Even though I would never put that much weight on a belt, you can safely use it for 4 plate pull ups and dips. the leather makes the belt a bit rigid but apart from that, there isn’t much to say against this product; It may not be the fanciest or strongest of belts on this article, but it will definitely do the job.

DurableSlightly rigid due to it's leather build
Fairly comfortable
A 4.5 star rating with over 100 customer reviews on Amazon

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Advanced Dip Belt by Iron Bull Strength

Best dip belt

This is indeed a versatile belt; it can be used as a dip Belt, pull up belt, squat belt, sled harness, and even a weight Lifting Belt ( although I wouldn’t recommend on buying the belt just for the purpose of doing deadlifts with it; you would need a real weightlifting belt ). It’s design is different from the regular, half belts that work by hanging on your hips. This belt is fastened from the front around your hips. One or two people did complain that the strap showed weakness after a few uses, and feels a little bit flimsy. For the great price it comes at though, you can just go to your closest home depot and get yourself a thick chain that will make your belt last hopefully, forever. Be sure to pick the right size indicated by the included size chart guide.

Durable Strap feels a bit flimsy
Fairly comfortable
A 4.5 star rating with over 130 customer reviews on amazon

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Kinobody – Best In Class Dip Belt and Pull up Belt

Best dip belt Another “strap” belt variant, this belt is of very high quality. The design stands out and the material used makes for an all around comfortable, and very resistant build. The belt is built to withstand a reasonable 240 lbs with ease. What’s more, the customer service is impeccable; someone left a review stating a buckle on the belt broke and after exchanging an email with the company, the belt was replaced immediately. An all around great product which should last you a while.

DurableNothing to note
Very satisfactory customer service
A 4.5 star rating with over 40 customer reviews on Amazon

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Dip Belt By Rip Toned

Best dip belt

This is a belt that has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. I really couldn’t find anything negative to say about this product; It’s very durable, can hold a lot of plates, it’s comfortable, the chain is both sturdy and long enough to hold a few plates at a time without banging into sensible areas. The clips that hold the chain are also solid material.  A great purchase at a ridiculously good price as far as what you get.

Very durableNone to note
A 5 star rating with over 180 reviews on Amazon

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Recommended Best Dip Belt

The totality of the weight belts featured in this article are of good quality, but they all have their pros and cons. There are however, two belts that I will point out as my recommended; they show superiority in terms of  both durability, and comfort.

These belts are:

1. the Dark Iron Fitness leather weight lifting dip belt

Best dip belt

2. The Dip Belt By Rip Toned

Best dip belt

Using a dip belt – The exercises

As I mentioned in a few of my other articles on this site, bodyweight training can take you very far in terms of size and strength gains. Using a dip belt is one of my favorite ways of adding difficulty to an exercise and getting stronger. It’s easy to adjust the weight and keep track of how heavy you are training and how much weight to add session after session. With a bit of imagination, you can use your dip belt for many different exercises:

  • Push ups
  • Dips
  • Pull ups/Chin ups
  • Squats
  • Sled pulls
  • Weighted ab exercises
  • handstand push ups

If you don’t want to get a dip belt for whatever reason but still wish to progressively add weight to your workouts, there a a few other nice alternatives that you can use such as adding weight to a backpack, a weight vest, or why not, making your very own dip belt.

Best dip for beginners

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