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30 days abs challenge

You can download and print the PDF version of this here.

Exercise Overview

Hollow Body Hold

The hollow body hold is a fundamental of gymnastics training, and should also be a part of your workout routine. It will teach you how to brace your core properly and position yourself. Most bodyweight exercises require a strong hollow body position to be performed with perfect form (ex: push up, pull up, handstands, and more).

As you perform this exercise, make sure that you are not arching in the lower back, and that your arms and legs are completely extended. The shoulder blades should not touch the ground either.

Leg Crunches

Start with your legs extended, and bring them to your chest in a crunch-like motion. You may also extend them upwards at the top of the movement for an extra challenge. Finish with the legs extended, and repeat.

Leg Lifts

Being careful not to arch in the lower back area, extend your legs and lift them up as far as your flexibility allows. Lower your legs slowly, without touching the floor, and repeat.You may place your hands under your glutes if you are having trouble keeping your lower back flat.


The body starts fully extended. You then bring your arms towards your feet in a “V” shape, before extending slowly again, holding that hollow body position. You can straighten your legs throughout the entire range of motion to make this exercise harder.


A regular plank. Keep your entire body straight, squeezing your glutes and abdominals, making sure to eliminate any lower back arching.

Plank Crunches

Start from a plank position, and proceed to crunch your body upwards, squeezing your core throughout the entire movement.

Leg Circles

Starting from a hollow body position, draw controlled circles with your legs for an equal amount of reps in both directions. Again, you can place your hands underneath or next to your glutes for extra stability and prevention of lower back arching.

30 Days Abs Challenge - Conclusion

With the infographic and the exercises that have been detailed underneath, I hope that you can jump on this 30 day ab challenge and blast your core all the way to some satisfying results.

Remember to comment below if you have tried it, and let us know what you think as well as share your results with everybody!

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